Combat Signs of Aging with the Tria Laser Facial at Suite Six

Aging, it’s unavoidable and the natural process of our skin. Skin is constantly bombarded with environmental stressors, such as pollution, UV radiation, cigarette smoke and ozone and internal stressors such as high cortisol levels and hormone imbalance. These skin stressors can inhibit the production of collagen and elastin, and create free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that work to break down collagen and elastin.

Your skin needs collagen and elastin, they are the mattresses to your skin, they keep it firm and supple and youthful. When collagen and elastin break down, we start to see fine lines, wrinkles and changes to skin tone and elasticity.

How do you combat these environmental skin stressors?

  • First, you need to wear sunscreen daily. Your skin is a great barrier and knows how to protect you, but it needs help in the form of a daily SPF.
  • Second, keep hydrated with water. Reduce extra sugar in your diet in the form of soda or cookies and pastries.
  • Third, eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants such a fruit and vegetables.
  • Fourth, have a targeted at home regime that treats free radicals and cares for your skin.
  • Fifth, reduce stress- find activities that bring you joy. We underestimate the impact of stress on our bodies. Find 20 minutes a day to care for yourself. Read a book, chat with a friend, take a nap or go for a walk.
  • Sixth, have monthly professional skincare treatments that will combat signs of aging.

At Suite Six Med Spa our goal is for you to love the skin you are in. We offer a suite of the most targeted treatment products to battle environmental skin stress and have you looking your best.

Currently we are offering our Tria Laser Facial by Skinceuticals for $100.

This treatment will literally take years off your skin.  With the use of an FDA approved non-ablative laser, we gently stimulate collagen in your skin, waking it up, and helping it rejuvenate. In conjunction, we incorporate highly targeted products that use Vitamins C and E that penetrate into the lower levels of the skin and fight free radicals and renew you skins natural glow.  You will be amazed at how your skin looks and feels.

We guarantee it!

To take advantage of this limited promotion, call (978) 358-8178 or email us at

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