Seasonal Skincare at Suite Six Med Spa

“Why it Matters”
Like the changing of the seasons, our skin also goes through seasonal changes. Skin is affected by external factors, such as heat, sun and humidity and internal factors such as hormone levels, stress and hydration. Summer weather can make skin more oily and acne prone and winter weather can make the most normal skin sensitive and dry. Managing your skin throughout the seasons, keeps your skin healthy and happy.

The first step to managing your skin is to understand your skin type, weather your skin is normal, dry, sensitive, oily, acne prone or combination.

The second step is to look at what you are using on your skin. If you are coming off the Summer and have been using a tinted moisturizer, soon enough your skin will be calling for more hydration, or coming from Winter into Summer using a thicker moisturizer will feel like your skin is suffocating.

Products need to change seasonally, to accommodate new changes that may appear with your skin. Additionally, when you feel that you are not getting the results that you want from your skincare, it is time to modify your routine. Age related skin changes, such as loss of tone and increased fine lines, need specialized attention.

At SuiteSix Med Spa we take a customized approach to skincare and treatments. Every client has different needs and our expert staff knows how to keep your skin looking and feeling great, no matter the season. Come in and talk to us about your skin and we will create a plan just for you. We use targeted products and corrective treatments to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

You may not need a whole new regime, just a targeted product to address dehydration or a mask to treat those stubborn blackheads. Don’t let the change of seasons get your skin in a rut; it’s an opportunity to turn your skin around at SuiteSix Med Spa. Let us help you. Call (978) 358-8178 today for a consultation to personalize a treatment plan tailored to your goals, skin type, time frame and budget or email us at

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